Gap Year of Travel

When you begin to acquire as many insane stories as I have, in as short of a time as a year, you’re quick to realize that some of the most prominent stories of your life deserve to be shared with the public

When I was just 17 years old, I began planning for a trip of a lifetime. I was determined to make one of my wildest, most impulsive dreams a reality. In 2018, just 2 months after graduating high school, I set off to the United Kingdom to take back control of my life and to say a big ‘Fuck You’ to my anxiety that had ruled my every decision prior.

I stayed in the United Kingdom for just about five days, gaining my first ounce of freedom, and developing a sense for who I was. My first week in the U.K. was one of the most scary experiences in all of my short teenage life. But this feeling was exactly what I had been seeking. I had never felt so alive. And I had also never been happier.

In my time spent alone in a foreign country, I gained a life time of experiences.

I arrived to my Airbnb, only to find out that my host wasn’t who he had made himself out to be online. I spent my first day, not only fighting jet lag, but searching hours away for a safe place to stay.

Finally, after making way to the SafeStay Hostel, I prepped for my upcoming travels to Chelmsford, where I would attend a music festival, featuring all of my favorite British Pop Stars. To this day, my time spent at this festival marks one of the best days of my life! For 12 hours I was surrounded by my favorite music, talking to all these beautiful people with the loveliest of accents. I was completely immersed in my dreams.

Once I had returned to the hostel, I was quick to become friends with one of the guys I was bunking with. After a quick exchange of hellos, we got drunk and wandered the city together. We shared our life stories as we ventured around listening to street music and buying local foods. Eventually, as the evening approached, we made our way back to the hostel where we gained a group of friends from all over the world- one by one.

My time spent in the United Kingdom was fast paced, but on August 21st, I left to venture to Switzerland. I spent three weeks in the most beautiful country in the world. I couch surfed, hiked the Swiss Alps, and ate a shit ton of cheese and chocolate.

Stay tuned for my next blog post for the beginnings of a lifetime of stories all made within the span of a year!

Before I get too far ahead of myself, I should probably preface the beginnings of my blog by making mention that this past year has been filled with the unthinkable. Since my first solo travel experience, to this current point in my life, there’s been nothing but moments of sheer insanity. I’m part to blame for the stories I have to share, but take them as you want because, every memory I’ve gained from my gap year has left me with only a grander appreciation for people, the world, my self, and the life I have made for myself.

Leave a comment below letting me know your most intense travel story!


The Beginning Of It All

When I was seven years old, I hopped on my first flight to leave behind everything I had ever known back in Minnesota, to welcome in a new way of life in Arizona. As I cuddled in to the airplane seat, I gleamed out the window awaiting to see if the rumors of the sight were deemed to be true.

To much dismay, the people didn’t appear as ants and there was no sightings of my house from above.

Despite the acknowledgement of having been lied to by my peers of my first grade class, I remember the bewildering feeling of lifting off the ground and the immense amount of joy that came from watching everything grow smaller as I lifted off into the sky.

From a young age, I had acquired a longing for adrenaline. The more my heart pounded, the more I felt alive. The way my ears popped as the pressure increased, and the way my stomach dropped when turbulence hit, I felt as though I was on one of the biggest roller coasters yet. I remember the fear that the plane would accidentally lift off into outer space, and the way the tilting of the wings made me feel as we prepped for landing. From the free snacks, to the games played by the flight attendants,

I fell in love with everything to do with flying just as soon as it was brought to my attention.

I had big aspirations for my future, and as I ventured into the second grade after travelling to the opposite side of the country, I had it set in my mind that I wanted to make a life out of travel.